Club Mission


The Mundelein Mustang Swim Club (MMSC) will:

  • Provide an environment that encourages athletes to learn and practice the techniques of competitive swimming.

  • Allow each athlete to progress and develop at his or her own pace and offer opportunities for different levels of team and individual competition.

MMSC will accomplish this through:

  • A solid program directed by a capable coaching staff that fosters progress for its members in a positive team atmosphere at all stages of their athletic development. The program will also nurture the personal development of its athletes in an attempt to provide each with lifelong skills, values and personal qualities.

  • Financial security to provide a stable and desirable environment for its coaching staff, to allow for usage of the necessary facilities, and to participate in meets necessary for the athletes’ success.

  • Developmental activities to supply the Mundelein High School swim and water polo programs with well-prepared athletes.

  • An acceptable organization level that satisfies the needs of its members in terms of communication and accessibility, and accomplishes the tasks necessary in running a successful club, such as running meets, fundraising events, and general administrative tasks.

  • Adherence to the jurisdictions of the associations of which MMSC is a part.

  • Establishment of a positive identity and presence in the Mundelein community.

  • Active participation in the broader swimming community.

  • Parental involvement in the club’s tasks.

  • Development of a sense of teamwork in which members share bonds of mutual respect and a sense of belonging.

  • A set of guidelines that club members are expected to follow in order to be a positive presence in MMSC.

  • A protocol that ensures long-term stability and success for the club – one that passes on the roles and training skills from veteran members to new members.

  • A club vision and focus that exists separately from transient, short-term interests.